Frequently Asked Questions



Residents can have a vehicle as soon as they enter our program, provided their driver’s license, insurance, and tag information are all valid.

What if I have a job working nights or third shift?

Residents are not allowed to work hours that conflict with curfew for any reason, or hours that conflict with any mandatory meetings (i.e. Weekly House Meetings)

How long is the Program?

The main purpose of Tried and True is to give men safety and accountability as they complete the Twelve Steps. Six months to two years is typically a window in which the steps can be completed and a foundation in Recovery established.

When can I have a phone?

Phones are allowed upon entry.

I already have a sponsor. Do I have to get a new one?

We strongly suggest that residents have a sponsor that they can meet with on a weekly basis. Sponsors should also be accessible by phone between in-person meetings.

Do I have to be in an IOP to live here?

No. While IOP can be extremely beneficial, it is not required. Residents who are not participating in an IOP Program must either be employed full-time (30+ hours per week), or be enrolled as a full-time student within three weeks of arriving at Tried and True.

I'm ready to move in. What's my first step?

Check availability by calling (901) 870-2455

or inquire by email to