A one-time admission fee of $200 is due at intake. 

There are two ways to pay the program fees at Tried and True, and both are paid in advance. 

Weekly - $140 per week, due every Friday. If fees are not received by 8pm on Friday, a late fee of $15 per day will be charged. Rent for the first two weeks will be due at intake if you are paying weekly. 

Monthly - $500 per month (cheaper overall than weekly), due on the 1st of each month. If fees are not received by 8pm on the 1st, a late fee of $15 per day late will be charged. If paying monthly, your first month’s rent will be due at intake. 

**Anyone who is unemployed at the time of admission is required to pay the first month up front** 

**Program fees must be on time, and a failure to pay as agreed is grounds for removal from the house. Program fees can be paid via cash, check, money order or credit card. Credit card has a 3% fee**