“When I left my rehab facility, I was alone. I found Jake at Tried and True. An associate of mine said that he would be a good guy to hang out with outside of treatment. I found this to be true.
The owner- a great guy!
The other residents- couldn’t ask for better! Leaders!
It’s the perfect place for someone to land who is in need of a safety net. THEY hold you up! If you want a different path, stop here first and decide for yourself!”
— Mike F.
It’s hard to express into word what Tried and True has done for me the past six months I’ve lived here. I came into this house still running on my old ideas, no conception of a God that I understood, little hope for long-term success, the bare minimum of willingness, no usefulness to others, lack of courage and integrity, and I simply was not content with my life. I did not know how to have conversations with people or be comfortable in my own skin without being under the influence.

Tried and True’s structure is definitely what I needed and when I followed the guidelines of this house, a beautiful transformation began to take place. A few example’s of Tried and True’s structure consist of the Buddy System, getting a sponsor, getting/having a job, weekly House meetings, and attending outside meetings. The Buddy System was a good way to get integrated in the house with other guys and also a good outlet for outside meetings. Curfew and House meetings are great for accountability which is essential for early Recovery.

A huge part of my new foundation has been me meeting with my sponsor regularly. I have now been through the twelve steps and I can now do, feel, and believe in ways that I couldn’t before. I’m a part of something today that gives me a purpose. It’s not a purpose that includes money, job, or anything meterial, The purpose is to carry this message to people just like me and to practice this new way of life in all my affairs. I’m truly grateful for this house and the position that it has put me in and I look forward to continuing to do the best I can at being a channel of principles and virtues.
— Graham G.